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Shuntao is a highly skilled Yoga teacher, my technique has improved massively after learning from her. With Shuntao’s calm nature you instantly feel relaxed as soon as you step into her class, whether it’s held inside or in one of her beautiful outdoor sessions, and even her online classes are amazing too. If you’re looking for a Yoga class that will help you become more flexible and strong, both in mind and body I’d highly recommend Shuntao as your teacher.

Dear Shuntao, thank you for your yoga nidra session which left me feeling calm, grounded and ready to start a new day with a positive state of mind.
I especially enjoyed the way you guided me into a deep relaxation using the metaphor of the refreshing drop of water.
The unique/precisous quality of your nidra practice that I most clearly remember is the ability of make me feel a profound separation between mind and body. I was following your voice visualizing the magic boat as my mind wasn't attached or connected to my body anymore.
If you were offering this again, I'd recommend that you might want to make it last a bit longer as is a beautiful experience.
The true jewel, the treasure I shall takeaway from the practice is a reflection. How rarely we have time or willing to tune into ourselves and how beneficial even few minutes of practice could be. I would love to start every new day with yoga nidra or have the habit to close my day practicing before bed.
Thank you so much Shuntao

Thank you for our second yoga Nidra practice through Zoom, this time we focused on developing Connection between me, my womb and the little life growing inside of me, the practice left me feel deeply relaxed and peaceful again just like first time, especially enjoyed Shuntao’s “no pushing” methods which made me feel more chilled without feeling worries of lost focus during the practice. The unique quality of your Yoga Nidra practice that I most clearly remember is that you told me to not worry about if I fall asleep which made me feel more comfortable as well as gave me enough time to adjust of position before start. During this practice, I had a strong sense of connection with my baby, I’m glad that we had our second Yoga Nidra practice in my 10th week of pregnancy.

I had a really relaxing outdoor yoga session with Shuntao.
The 1 hour session was very well structured, including a plenty of relaxing flows and some challenging ones.
Throughout the 1-to-1 class, Shuntao made sure I was doing the positions the way they should be but not stretch out of my ability.
Shuntao is a fantastic Yoga teacher. Highly recommended!

Shuntao is an excellent yoga teacher; very clear & precise with her instructions, and offers easy to follow demonstrations. Highly recommend her!

Shuntao is a great instructor, I'm a total beginner and she happily adjusted positions and guided me through it all. Would fully recommend!

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